So Tired…

I am really tired this morning and I wonder if that isn’t the goal of this President and Democrats. Not for me personally, but for people like me. I think his/their goal is to wear me down. How? By doing exactly what they are doing with the tragedy in Orlando.

Rahm Emmanuel, who was once Barack Obama’s main advisor, once said, “Never let a crisis go to waste.” What did he mean by that? Well, he meant that when tragedy strikes, don’t waste your time praying for the victims or helping people through it, but find some way to use that tragedy to further your political agenda, regardless of how heartless that is.

Obama and his minions have embraced that practice with increasing fervor. At first, when there was the Newtown massacre, they waited a day or two before the anti-second amendment, anti-conservative rhetoric. When San Bernardino happened, they waited a few hours. But now, as soon as Orlando happened, it was out there. It was the NRA’s fault, the fault of those opposed to  gay marriage because of their faith, the fault of white males, the fault of Christians. Anderson Cooper of CNN even went so far as to blame the State’s Attorney General of Florida because she defended her state’s decision to not sanction gay marriage, a decision that was voted on by the people of Florida and that, she, as State’s Attorney of that state, had to defend. It was part of her job.

All over Facebook and Twitter you see it. “Blame guns, blame the NRA, etc.” One after another, liberal celebrities and news show hosts make outlandish statements about whose to blame. One wanted white men deported, Cher issued Tweets that made no sense, a Black Lives Matter implied racism in the people who sat in vigil for the victims of the violent attack in Orlando because they were mostly white, and Harry Reid, the one eyed jack of the senate, blamed Republicans. Of course, Hillary Clinton blamed her opponent Donald Trump, blamed Republicans, and practically everyone who didn’t donate to her campaign.

In all the cacophony, none of these people blamed the true culprit, a Jihadist, extremist, Muslim who had pledged allegiance to ISIS who hated gay people. WHY?

I know why. The more they wear us down, tire us out, and make us lose hope for civility and cohesion in this country, the more they win. The more they can demonize us to the uneducated educated in this country, the more misguided young people will blare out their Twitter hashtags and Facebook posts about how awful this country is, how Conservatives are Nazis, etc.  The more we read these idiotic posts, the more worn down we will become until we decide we just don’t give a damn anymore. We will decide that it’s not worth the trouble or hatred thrown our way to give an our opinions. We can’t reason with them because they don’t understand reason. They just resort to the mantra of their generation, “F**k you and your facts and arguments.” Or, as Barack said to us early in his Presidency, “Sit down and shut up.”

We have a decision to make and it involves some moral courage on our part. We can either get worn down, give up and decide to spend our days watching the Weather Channel or Food Network in silence, or we can decide to take the risk of offending someone and share our thoughts, civilly and logically, no matter the consequence.  We can get tired, or we can become just as relentless as they are. As Winston Churchill ( yes, I know, a white guy, shocking) said, “Never, ever, ever give up.” And he was addressing a country that was being bombed by the Germans non-stop.

We know who we are. We are people who don’t wish harm to anyone because of race, sexual preference or identity or even political view. We WANT free speech, free thought, free exchange of ideas. We don’t care who people marry or have relationships with as long as we aren’t required to do the same.  We love this country for its unity and diversity. We want people to live their lives as they wish, as long as it doesn’t infringe on the lives of others. And we need to share that with them EVERY day.  Because as relentless as they are, we can be just as relentless.  We need to provide the counterpoint to their baseless points. Every. Single. Day.




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