Prediction # 2- No More Deadlines

When I taught school I remember the hardest thing for me to get students to do was to turn in assignments on time. It seemed that so many of them had excuses for why assignments were late. WELL, in 2014, given President Obama’s dislike of deadlines, I think this problem is going to go away.

Before all my teacher friends get excited about a new way to get students to get things finished when they are supposed to, let me explain what I REALLY mean.

Since President Obama has been President, he has displayed a penchant for making and changing laws whenever he wants. Never mind that Congress is supposed to MAKE laws and he is supposed to abide by them. I mean, it’s just so darned inconvenient. Well, with the onset of Obamacare and all the accompanying problems, he has come up with a successful strategy. Get rid of all the deadlines. You know, deadlines when everyone was supposed to be enrolled, deadlines for when the website would be fixed, deadlines for when HHS was supposed to report to Congress on enrollment numbers…and on and on. With one swoop of his magic pen, all the deadlines changed and some just plain disappeared.

This is good news for so many of us. In 2014, I predict that there will no longer be deadlines for ANYTHING. Wow. This means so much to all of us. I can’t WAIT to tell my creditors and the IRS that I can’t make a deadline. I’m sure they won’t care. How about those county and state taxes? Deadline? Pfffttt… I’m unilaterally deciding to get rid of it. I’m sure the Governor and county council will understand.  Uh huh….

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