2013- The Year of Disdain

This time of year you get all the retrospectives of the year that just ended and prognostications of the year to come. All the news shows have their “experts” blathering on about each and getting paid a whole lot of money to either state the obvious or erroneously predict the future. That sounds like a pretty good gig, where do I sign up?

Well, it’s obvious that I don’t have the credentials or experience as any of these people, so I guess I will be on my own and getting paid nothing. Oh well. I will do two parts of this series. The first will be my views of last year’s theme and the second will be my not so expert predictions for next year.

I thought about 2013 a great deal. There was so much that happened that it was a little hard to come up with a theme. With so much lying, stealing, intimidation, and false outrage, well, the material available was overwhelming. Then, it came to me ( as my third graders used to say when I asked them to explain how they got their math answers). 2013 was the year of disdain.

For those who don’t know, the definition of disdain is ” the feeling that someone or something is unworthy of one’s consideration or respect.”

I have to say that I have felt disdain for people and things before. I have disdain for the person who is on disability without really needing to be. I have disdain for the person who wants to sit on his/her couch and collect the taxpayer’s money.  I have disdain for MSNBC hosts who ridicule people’s religious faith or the fact that they would adopt a minority child. I’m human and I admit it. Disdain, in its proper place is okay. It shows that one can discern between wrong and right. It’s okay for people to show that emotion in their private lives.

HOWEVER…this year, public officials took disdain to a whole new level.  Let’s begin with several of my “favorite” public officials.

1. Lois Lerner. Could there be a person who showed more contempt or disdain for Congress and the people of the United States? This IRS official ran an agency that actively targeted groups for their political beliefs and encouraged her underlings to ask people about their religion in IRS applications. Yet, in total disdain during hearings, she plead the 5th after saying that she had done nothing wrong. She tilted her gray head back, looked out of the bottom of her eyes, and refused to answer. In reality, she showed her total disdain for the importance that her agency should be without an agenda and should hold the best interest in the rights of groups and individuals sacred. And then, after the hearing, she collected her salary during a brief suspension and then retired.

2. Kathleen Sebilius. If there is a person who showed more disdain for the American people than Ms. Lerner, it would have to be this Health and Humans Services Secretary who began the year by denying a little girl’s waiver for a lung transplant (remember, she said, ” Some people live, some people die.”) Then, she moved on to implementing an Obamacare website that was a complete failure after spending over half a billion dollars on it. Finally, she testified in front of Congress regarding the failure of the system and gave the answer ” whatever” when asked if the President should have known about problems. Yup, “whatever.” You know, that answer your teenager gives you when he/she just doesn’t want to answer your questions. Needless to say, the disdain she feels for us as she sits in her position and changes regulation and law over and over,  is palpable.

3. Eric Holder… could there be a better example of disdain? This Attorney General picks and chooses which laws he will enforce and which ones he won’t. And, he does it without so much as a whimper, explanation, or excuse me. Drug laws, gun laws, hate crime laws are all subject to his whim. And, when asked to explain himself, he tells Congress to stick it.

4. Hillary Clinton…The Queen of Disdain has been at it so long that it is hard to pick out which example to use of her complete and utter discounting of anyone who doesn’t help fulfill her political ambitions. Four people die in Benghazi because she refuses to help and all she can say is, ” What difference does it make?” Enough said.

5. Now we have come to the paramount example of disdain. If you don’t know who it is, you have been living under a rock. In five years, this person has violated laws,  violated the Constitution, rejected laws passed by our lawmakers with the sweep of the pen, taken his wife and family on expensive vacations while the economy suffers, and openly LIED to the American people. On top of that, he has lied about his lies. It’s clear that this person thinks the American people are a bunch of stupid sheep to be fed his line of bull consistently. ” You will take it and you will like it…and pay for it.” All while he claims to be the “smartest man in the room.” The king of disdain, the dictator of disregard, Barrack Hussein Obama.

It’s sad that it has come to the point where they don’t even pretend to give a crap about the people anymore. But, why should they? We are obviously not worthy of them….Like I said, 2013, The Year of Disdain.

* By the way, there were many other good examples too numerous to name. Anthony Weiner, Chris Matthews, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid…Michelle Obama…etc. I just wish I had the time….

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