Hate Speech from the “Tolerant” Among Us

I had an interesting insight into the hateful attitudes of the “tolerant” among us today. You see, tolerance has come to mean something totally different from it used to mean. The dictionary definition is:

the ability or willingness to tolerate something, in particular the existence of opinions or behavior that one does not necessarily agree with.

Somehow, that definition was amended ( sort of like Obamacare keeps on getting amended when the President doesn’t like the political consequences of the law). It was amended to say, “unless I ( or whatever “group” I belong to) don’t like that opinion, act, look, etc.”

I guess we should expect that from a certain segment of the population. You know,  stupid redneck conservatives who hate everything or everyone that is different from us. You know,  selfish middle class workers who refuse to help others. You know,  ‘Bible thumpers” who are such a mess. Yeah, that last one I actually read this morning in a post about the firing of a Methodist minister for marrying his gay son and partner. Someone actually though ” Bible thumpers are a mess” was a great response in a post about whether the church should have done that.  Of course, that wasn’t as bad as the one about Christians and Catholics being “hate filled and ignorant.” All of us. Every last one. ( By the way, aren’t Catholics, by definition, Christians? Why are we separated?”)

It all seems to be part of a new pattern. These were comments made on a post by WJZ, a local “news” station. ( I put that in quotes because WJZ seems more interested in gossip rather than news nowadays. I call it the FACEBOOK ” make something out of nothing” effect. ) After all, this is an internal issue of the Methodist church and their doctrine. Honestly, I don’t think it’s any of our business and it is not newsworthy.

(Woah, I can hear you know. But wait, you said Phil had a right to free speech and A&E shouldn’t have suspended him. You are correct and you have a good memory! Here’s  the difference. Phil was expressing his own views, and never claimed to be representing A&E in the interview with GQ. The minister, on the other hand, was acting as an agent of the church when he married his gay son. I think that is against Methodist doctrine. I am fairly sure he knew that.  )

But, I think the worst trend here is that a certain segment of the population that claims to be tolerant ( i.e. liberals, progressives, activists for minority groups, etc.) who seems to think they have a free pass on REAL tolerance. It’s okay for them to call us “tea baggers” or “racists,”  “zealots” or “homophobes.” Why? Because they are tolerant. So, their tolerance excuses their intolerance.  They can say or do whatever they want while marching in their assless pants or baring their breasts in parades. ( And, yes, those are extremes, I get it. But, those actions have occurred and we have been told to “get over it” and “accept it.”)

However, those of us in the intolerant class, you know, Conservatives, majority, religious sorts, we’ll just have to mind our P’s and Q’s. Or else. Good to know.

* By the way, I reported the “Bible Thumper” comment to FACEBOOK as hate speech. Do you think anything will happen? If you do, I have a great big bridge to sell you.

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