Shall We All Walk in Lockstep?

I remember an Apple commercial from the 1984 Super Bowl. In it, a crowd of drone like listeners were watching a dictator like leader on a screen as he droned on about what they needed to do, to think, etc. Suddenly, in walked a person with a hammer who shattered the screen and set everyone free. The whole point was about not being in lockstep, about being an individual, a free thinker. It was an extremely popular commercial and is pointed to as the commercial that started the fad of watching Super Bowl Commercials.

Now we have this Phil Robertson controversy. I don’t think I need to review the situation, because unless you have been under a rock, you know about it.  Suffice to say that he stated his beliefs about homosexuality by saying he thought it was a sin. He didn’t say that Gays should be shunned, killed, or even viewed negatively. He even said he was not here to judge. BOOM. GLAAD and A&E ( the network that Phil’s show, Duck Dynasty, is on) loads up their knee jerk reaction cannons and with READY, FIRE, AIM accuracy,  condemns and then suspends Phil from the show.  ( By the way, I would have more respect for A&E if they had canceled the show. Being the money grubbing cowards they are, they took this step to save their weak kneed asses. At least if they had canceled the program they would have shown that their money was where their so-called principles were. )

Regardless, the message is clear from GLAAD. GLAAD, a group who should support an individual’s right to think and act as an individual; a group who should encourage differences and acceptance of differences; a group who really shouldn’t give a DAMN about what others think about them or their members.  This is a group who should understand the bravery in stating one’s opinions and going against the grain. NOPE. Their point is, agree with us totally or else. Support our lifestyle completely or else.  Think in lockstep with us or else.  Or else, or else, or else.

I have gay friends. I don’t know what ALL of their opinions are about this. I have seen several of them who have posted on message boards. The funny thing is that they don’t agree with Phil being suspended. They understand that it is just AN OPINION. They understand that he can’t control how they feel about themselves, what they do, how they live any more than they can do the same to him. They haven’t given him that power and they don’t want that power over him. They are people who understand how it is to NOT be in lockstep with everyone else. They understand that they will never get 100% acceptance from everyone about how they live any more than anyone else can. We ALL do things others don’t agree with. That’s the BEAUTY of living in a FREE country where you can think for yourself.  All they, like all of us ask for, is that no one does HARM to us because of what we believe.

Apparently, A&E and GLAAD didn’t get that memo. Apparently, they haven’t seen the 1984 APPLE commercial about being an individual.  I suggest they take a look at it, because we don’t want to be in lockstep with them, or anyone else.

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