What I Learned This Week

I have learned some interesting things this week. I really didn’t expect to have so much going on except for cleaning at home and working at the local high school. I knew that there was a lot going on in the news, but didn’t really consider what affect that would have on how people would respond to each other. I guess I should have known since it was the same last year around the election. I should have remembered but I wanted to forget.

One thing I learned is that because I am retired there are people who think they support me. Mind you, I am living off my retirement earned from 31 years of teaching along with my husband’s salary, but somehow there are people out there who feel I am equivalent to those on public assistance. Never mind that I contributed to my retirement, paid taxes on it once and am paying taxes on it again. Never mind that I have to pay medical insurance out of that. They REALLY think that I am living off their tax dollars. So, I am going to put this in BIG letters for them.

RETIREMENT IS SOMETHING YOU EARN FROM WORKING AND CONTRIBUTING. Welfare, food stamps etc, are what you are GIVEN because you can’t make it without public help, whether it’s because you have bad circumstances or you just don’t feel like supporting yourself. Can we PLEASE get that straight?

The second thing I learned is that our President can negotiate with terrorists, the Russians, the Iranians, but NOT Republicans. He doesn’t feel he has to negotiate because, darn it, he’s pissed at the Republicans. He feels that his election means that he gets everything he wants. Did he forget that Republicans were also elected to represent their constituents? Did that part of the structure of the government escape him while he was at the fancy college? You know, the one where he learned about our 57 states? Did he forget that bothersome part of the Constitution that says all funding bills for the government originate in the House of Representatives?  Or is he just an arrogant narcissist with tendencies toward dictating? I think I know.

I also learned that he can get rid of or ignore any law HE doesn’t like, but that Congress has to blindly accept any law THEY don’t like. Somehow, laws passed by the Democrat led Senate HAVE TO BE permanent. Laws passed during the Bush era are temporary.  You know, like the drug and immigration laws. Oh, and I love the part where laws don’t apply to them. No sir.

I knew that Democrats were hypocrites, but this week I learned that Mr. Obama is one of the worst. He was the one who said during the Bush presidency, that raising the debt limit was unpatriotic. My how things have changed.  ( Oh, and Democrats, if you want to start quoting spending during the Bush years, may I remind you that Madame Pelosi was in charge of the House during that time.)

I learned that liberals don’t give a darn who gives their talking points as long as they agree with them. For example, they like to quote the fake Indian from Massachusetts, Elizabeth Warren, regarding the budget resolution. They will believe a woman who falsely claimed to be an American Indian in order to get into school when she says it’s all about Republicans being against free birth control. Hey, just because she lied about her ethnic background to serve her selfish purposes doesn’t mean she can’t tell the truth now, right?

Oh, and liberals, just because she said it, let me say it’s not at all about birth control. As far as I am concerned, that provision of the health care law isn’t even worth thinking about in the larger order of things. It’s about being forced to purchase a product or be penalized, about my health care costs going up while my coverage will go down, about how the law was “passed” by reconciliation with no debate by Harry Reid and his minions, and about the government having control of such a large part of our lives.  It’s also about not being able to afford it as a country.

I learned that liberals, when they have NO argument, still continue to resort to hurling insults. Facts have no meaning to them. Quite frankly, they are INSULTED by facts. I guess facts are racist. Just like anyone who quotes them.  A conversation with a liberal goes like this:

Me: Obama care has cost us so many jobs already. Businesses are only hiring part time employees because of Obamacare.

Liberal: Racist! You hate Obama! You hate Black people!

Me: No, but I am seeing my health insurance rates skyrocket. I am concerned that our country cannot afford this.

Liberal : Racist, you want black and Hispanic people to die.

Me: Today is Tuesday.

Liberal: You hate black and Hispanic people on Tuesdays! Racist! I think you hate Gay people too.

Me: Really? Just because I have an opinion that differs from you? I thought you liberals were tolerant.

Liberal: Republican c**t. ( Actually the word the person cleverly made up was “republic**t )

Unfortunately, I know some people who will take me to task over these lessons. They will tell me I don’t have a right to my opinions. They may not continue to be friends. Oh well.

Finally, I learned one last lesson. This lesson was that even though 60% of the people in this country don’t want Obama care, there is only one person’s opinion that matters. We know who that is. Can’t wait till HE’s  retired. The one difference is that he will not have contributed one dime to his retirement. Not one.

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