D Day…


Today is the commemoration of D Day. For those of you who
don’t know what that was, it was a key battle that helped turn the tide of
World War II. Against all odds, the men of D Day stormed the beach at Normandy.
They did it in the name of our country and yes, their faith in God. On this
day, I want to remind everyone that these men never questioned their service,
the danger to them, or how hard things would be.

They didn’t say, ” Not
me, I’m not going to do it,” or “It’s not my job.” They didn’t
ask for free “stuff” from their country. They didn’t say, ” What
difference does it make?”

Our leaders didn’t say, ” Hey, I just found
out about this when you did, from the news.” They didn’t go to sleep while
the battle was on. They didn’t say, ” It’s someone else’s fault.” They would have moved heaven and earth to protect their men and women and bring them home if they could.
They didn’t plead the 5th. Above all, NONE of the people involved used the
pronoun ” I” to describe the glory of their service. They gave credit
to others and to God, ( because at that time, it was not a court martial
offense to talk about faith while in uniform.) Not many of these brave souls are
still alive, but I guarantee that those that are and those who have passed are
sad to see the state of our country and the dishonesty and lack of moral
clarity of our leaders. They are praying now, praying that those of us who
value their sacrifice WILL NOT succumb to the soft tyranny of the administration and the Washington beauracracy. They stood up with courage and conviction. We should do the same.

I write this is honor of my father, William F. Miller, who was a veteran of WWII and spent a lifetime in the Air Force. He never talked about his service, didn’t show pictures of himself to make others impressed. He just did what he needed to do.  He never said, ” I, I, I…” like so many people do now.

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