It’s Irrelevant….

Thanks to the Obama Administration and its spokespeople ( and Obama himself) I now have a new strategy anytime anything occurs in my life that I don’t like or that I want to ignore. It’s a simple answer….it’s irrelevant. You know, the same answer that officials of the Administration gave for questions about where the President was during Benghazi and whether or not the IRS broke any laws in singling out Conservative groups to block from tax exempt status.

Here are some examples.

I’m on Route 50 going 75 mph. A cop pulls me over. ” Ma’am,” he says, ” The speed limit here is 55.”

“That’s irrelevant,” I’ll respond. “What the law says about the speed limit is irrelevant.”

I’m sure the cop will understand. After all, if it’s good enough for the IRS to tell me the law isn’t relevant, it will work for me. Do you think I could use that line to avoid paying taxes? HMMMMM…..

Here is another example.

Let’s say that I have been asked by a friend of mine to watch their purse while they go to the bathroom. While watching the purse, I decide to go grab a cup of coffee at the counter. After all, I am tired. When my friend comes back and discovers her purse is gone, she may ask me where I was when it was taken. ‘Irrelevant.” I will answer. ” Totally irrelevant.”

Another version of “It’s irrelevant” is a personal favorite of mine. It was uttered by Hilary Clinton when she was asked why the Americans in Benghazi were killed. “What difference does it make?” was her answer. Let’s go back to driving. Suppose I have a fender bender with someone and my insurance company asks me why it happened. “What difference can that possibly make?” I’ll answer.” A fender is damaged whether it’s because of icy roads, neglegence on my part, or maybe I just wanted to hit that other car. Fenders are still dented.” I’m sure the insurance company will understand.

While not a version of either of those answers, I also plan on using the total ignorance response Obama uses for every situation. That’s such a good one because no matter what happens, I can just say I didn’t know about it or that I JUST found out about it right now.

Or maybe I could just blame all my shortcomings on Bush…..

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