No, He’s Not….

You know, there used to be a time when I could go to a movie, watch television, and listen to music without a moment’s thought to the politics or views of the people acting, singing, or producing those products.  I could enjoy those people’s talents and escape from the troubles of work, life, etc. No more. Everywhere you look these days, you have some actor, singer, comedian, director, or  marginally famous celebrity sharing with anyone who will listen their views on gun control, elections, the economy and a variety of other issues. It’s as if someone told them that their opinion counts so much more than anyone elses and that they should get out there and share it. Wrong.

Let’s take the cases of Jim Carrey, Tony Bennett, and Chris Rock. How annoying during the last three days to hear these three celebrities blather on about gun control. First, Tony Bennett. Tony Bennett can sing. That’s for sure. My mother loved Tony Bennett in her younger days. I remember her telling me that even though he wasn’t very good looking, Tony had a great voice. Mr. Bennett decided to share his opinions about gun control the other day. Poor old Tony. Here’s what he had to say:

“We should just care for our children so much,” the 86-year-old Mr.   Bennett said, adding that he’s told his own children: “no guns in my   house; they’re not allowed.” ( Here we go with the children. I’m pretty sure his children are probably in their sixties by now.)

“I just believe that assault weapons — they were invented for war,” he said. “They shouldn’t be on our streets here.”

“This is the kind of [turn] that happened to the great country of   Germany, where the Nazis came over, created tragic things, and they had   to be told off,” he continued. “And if we continue this kind of  violence  and accept it in our country, the rest of the world is going  to take  care of us in a very bad way. We should learn that we’re the  greatest  country because we’re all different nationalities, different  religions,   and we should show the rest of the world how to behave.” ( Yeah, because those Islamic and Communist countries, they are so peaceful and if we just knock off the violence and hug them things will be so much better. )

Also, I didn’t know the Nazis “came to Germany and created tragic things” and then were told off.  Hmmmm….Nazis were Germans. Those “tragic things”  they created, would that be the slaughter of the unarmed Jewish people, right? Oh, and the take over of other countries as well, right. You know, “things.” The best part is where we “told them off.” Would that be that big old World War II Tony?It was not a reality show on Bravo. Just ask the men and women who died protecting you.  Time to go to the home Tony, because you have lost it. The world is not a jazz song.

Then, Jim Carrey. I never cared for Jim Carrey that much in the early days. His bathroom humor and three stooges like act just wasn’t funny to me. But, I thought he had evolved a little in his later career to become a decent actor.  So, yesterday he tweets this, “Any1 who would run out to buy an assault rifle after the Newtown massacre has very little left in their body or soul worth protecting.”  Wow. Now I have a comedian who made a living off of funny faces and fart noises passing judgement on people who believe differently than he does. Who died and left Jim as the great spiritual advisor of our time? When did we decide that we wanted to know how he felt about things? So, let me ask you Jim, what should happen to those people who did go out and buy a weapon? Should they be killed by a bomb dropping drone?

Finally, Chris Rock. I think this one made me the angriest. Chris Rock, a man who made his reputation off of “f” bombs and a black charicature that, in my mind, was insultingly stereotypical. Watch any of the Rush Hour movies and you will see what I mean. This is what Chris had to say yesterday:

“the President and the First Lady are kinda like the mom and the dad of the country, and when your dad says something you listen.”

“When you don’t it usually bites you in the ass later on,” he concluded, “So I’m here to support the president.” He also referred to the President as our “boss.”

Okay, first of all, Chris, when did your opinion of the Office of the President change? I mean, in 2007 you called President Bush a “retard.” ( Which, by the way was terribly insensitive of you, Chris. ) I guess listening to President Bush was NOT a good idea.

Second, Chris, I know that reading the Constitution and learning the history of this country is hard since they didn’t use a lot of four letter words back then, but you should really know that the President ISN’T the boss of any of us. We are HIS boss. Take some time and learn something, Chris.

But, here’s the thing that bothered me the most about what Chris said. He called Obama and Michelle the “mom and dad of the country.”

Chris, Obama is not my “dad.” ( After all, as I am sure he would tell you, I don’t look like  I could be his daughter.) Let me tell you who my dad was. My dad was a career Air Force officer who joined at the age of 19 to fight in World War II. As a teenager, he was sent to Europe to fly bombing missions over Germany. He was shot down behind enemy lines and escaped with the help of the French underground.  He was thought to be dead. When he returned after the war, he made a career of keeping this country safe. He was a good man who taught me the value of hard work, of honesty, of keeping your word and telling the truth. He sacrificed to protect our freedoms. He didn’t spend his life smoking marijuana in a ritzy high school in Hawaii, attending Harvard on someone else’s dime, or hanging out with domestic terrorists while being a “community organizer.” He wasn’t given a Nobel Peace Prize just because.

I don’t know who your parents are Chris, and I don’t care. But I can tell you that Obama and Michelle can’t come close to the kind of accomplishment, hard work, and virtues of my parents and they shouldn’t be mentioned in the same breath. They are not my mother and father, my boss, or, as your friend Jamie Foxx said, ” our Lord and Savior.”  I don’t even respect them. So, keep your wise cracking, stupid comments to yourself. Or, better yet, go back to what you do best, which is acting like a fool.

The sad thing is that these people get any press time at all. Why should any of us care what some second rate celebrity has to say about anything?

Yeah, I used to be able to watch movies, television and listen to music without a problem. I wish it was the same now.

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