Where’s the Laugh Track?

I know I haven’t posted for a while. M computer died and had to be sent away for repair. So, a month later I have it back! So many things I have wanted to say in that time. I will be busy catching up.

I am starting with something that came to me today while I was reading the news online. I saw Joe Biden in his groping glory as he managed to feel up any and all new Senators’ wives, mothers, etc. I wondered to myself, ” How does someone that stupid get to be Vice President?” I mean, even the Democrats cringe when Biden speaks.

So, I started thinking and it dawned on me. It’s a sitcom government. It has to be. Because only in the world of sitcoms do such dumb people get such power. Let’s think about it. First, we have Mr. Obama. Where, except in a sitcom, does a President get re-elected after the gross failures of his first term? Only on television do people who do a crappy job get to go on vacation. Also, he is like those sitcom fathers who always left the house in the morning but never really seemed to work at a job.

Then we have all the supporting characters. The treasury secretary that cheated on his taxes. The Secretary of State who suffered a mysterious illness just at the time she needed to testify in front of Congress. How about the moronic Department of Justice head who lost all his guns in Mexico?

Not to be unfair, the Senate and the House also have their share of characters. The old, dottering fool of a Senate majority leader who looks like he has spent the last ten years of his life in a dark room, the San Francisco skeleton woman who can’t open her mouth when she speaks for fear of her face falling off. If I didn’t know better, I would say that Hollywood writers created this.  Except, if they did, no one would believe it. No one.

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