Stop Being a Victim…

I’ll admit that it doesn’t take much to get me going some days. There are just days when I see something and say to myself, ” Nope. Can’t let that one go.” My husband and family often tell me that I should just ignore things. I just can’t.

Today I got a post from a “friend” on Facebook that showed a young woman holding a sign about having to take a “rape prevention” course at her college and how they should just have a course called, ” don’t rape” for male students.

Okay, I get the sentiment. Why should the innocent have to learn how to protect themselves? It really isn’t fair. However, most of us would say that’s how it is. Why should I have to lock my car? Lock my door? Have a home security system? I shouldn’t. But, if I am smart I do.

But here’s the part that really got me. The person ( or people) who posted this put this below it. “This is the result of male created religions and a male dominated world.” Now, if she was talking about Islam or the Islamic world, I might agree. She clearly wasn’t since the young lady represented was going to college and lived in the U.S. So, she was talking about Christianity and the United States.

As I sat there, my mind kept saying, “Don’t respond. Just remove the post, unfriend the person who posted it, and move on.” Couldn’t do it. I had to respond. Basically, I told the person to stop whining, be a strong woman, and do something about it. What I meant was that  you can be a victim if you let people victimize you.  I also questioned how this was the fault of “male created religion. ” ( By the way, does that mean that all religion is bad? Are there religions that are “female created?” ) I don’t know ANY real western religion that advocates rape.

Shortly after I wrote that, I  unfriended the person who sent it to me. I really don’t need that on my feed every day.

I know that some people are victims. I understand that. I know that I have been lucky and have only been the victim of crime once.  But, I also understand that you are only a victim if you LET yourself be one. I know so many people who could let themselves be victims of crime, racism, sexism, age-ism, etc. who just aren’t. They won’t let themselves be. They don’t sit there and demonize all people of a certain race or gender. They get up, work, and become successful. Everyday they are positive forces in this world.

One thing they don’t do is post pictures of themselves whining on Facebook.

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