This and that….

Just a couple of thoughts about statements I heard over the holidays…

  • “The Republicans are all old, white, men.” First, I am a Republican as are many of my friends. I am a woman; some of them are women, black, gay, young, college students, etc.  Generalizations don’t work any better for us than they do for minority groups. By the way, if you happen to be a white person, male or female, Obama could care less what you think. At his website he has an opinion survey and you need to identify your ethnic group. White of any gender is not there. By the way, maybe we should get on our knees and thank some of those “old white men.” Many of them fought in World War II and other wars to protect us and our way of life.
  • ” We aren’t allowed to call African American kids African American any more. We either have to call them black, brown, or ‘of color.'” Okay. Here we go again. I’ll go along. Then stop calling me white, Caucasian, etc. I am not white. My family did not come from the Caucasus Mountain area, and it is not what I want to be called. Take it off all forms, applications, surveys, etc. If it’s not okay for you, it’s not okay for me. Oh, and if Elizabeth Warren can pretend to be native American, I would like to pretend to be Chinese. Thanks. ( By the way, if you want to know, my mom used to make Chinese food for us for dinner, so it works.)
  • As a side note, a word to the group called “Courageous Conversations” ( a group “working” with teachers to show them how to treat minorities equitably in the classroom). The only people in the room who have to be courageous are the white teachers who are told to “unpack their whiteness” and “give up their culture.”  Really? Isn’t this what you told us was wrong? Once again, the race baiters prove that they are the worst kind of racists. And our tax money is paying for this crap.
  • Of all the news reports over the holidays, did anyone else get tired of hearing about “Black Friday?” (By the way, Friday would now like to be called “Money Saving Friday” instead or “Friday of Green Color.) Watching groups of moronic people storming Victoria’s Secret for free underwear and yoga pants made me sad.  Or worse, watching people beat each other up at Wal-Mart for a discounted television was horrible. It did, however, explain how Obama got elected again. I think I saw those people in the free money and free Obama phone lines.
  • While we are talking about Wal Mart, I love how the unions tried to strike and no one showed up. Well, there was the one group in Maryland who did some chanting in a Wal Mart. But, geez, it’s Maryland.  Does this make sense? You want the day off. So, you take the day you would have had off and you go to Wal Mart and stand in the parking lot with five other people all day while not getting paid. Wouldn’t it just make sense to work on that day? I mean, you weren’t at home anyway. At least you would get something out of it if you worked.

Finally, I did hear many people being thankful. I know I am. I am thankful for my family, my friends, and my country. And I guess that is why I want to fight so hard to keep it.

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