Why are they STILL so angry?

I have always been amazed at how angry liberals are. I’m amazed because the standard generalization is that conservatives are angry, bitter people, who, as Obama said once, ” cling to their guns and Bibles.”

I’m more amazed now because the election is over and Obama won and the liberals are still angry! As I visited the usual opinion websites and Facebook postings on the day after the election, I saw the normal gloating, taunting, and jeering. It was as though someone’s football team had just won the Super Bowl, not that an election had been won in a deeply divided nation. To hear the liberals, a mandate had occurred, Obama had won by at least 75% of the votes, and conservatives were a small, irrelevant population that shouldn’t even appear on the radar. Only one problem. That wasn’t the case. Obama only won a little over half of the country. Romney won a little less than half of the country. That doesn’t sound like a mandate to me, but more of an election of chance. You know, the “on any given day” situation. Add to that the allegations of voter fraud and liberals should be a little subdued.

They are not, of course. In fact, they sound angrier than ever. Hosts on MSNBC and CNN and liberal ” spokespeople” have stepped up the name calling and screaming. Twitter accounts are loaded with vitriol, death threats and other ugliness.  Here are some fun examples:

About Alan West:

@bmangh Allen West & the rest of these Krazy repubs dsrv all what they get for talkn dumb crap They care bout themselves Their show is ova

This from LindaBrenda Back2U

What now Allen West? How about disparaging more Democrats as communists. Where in da hell is your tea party? Left ur dumb azz hangin’:-)

 And my personal favorite from Dee

Fuck Allen West…I absolutely hate black Republicans…

Liberal inclusiveness is heartwarming.

About conservatives and their stand on free contraception:

Amanda Marcotte :Wingnuts: Either contraception is too expensive to offer without a copay or so cheap anyone can buy it. Please pick.

I particularly love the term ” wingnuts.” I think Amanda typed this while she was in her big, pink vagina costume.

Here is one from a response to a Facebook posting asking for an investigation of Benghazi:

Steven Hunter: Tea Party, I rename you Clueless Idiot Party!

I love that Steven is so supportive of an open investigation of such a horrifying event. No opinion on whether an investigation should occur, just a brainless, knee jerk name calling opportunity. I’ll bet he types that one on all his Facebook posts. I think he should copyright it!

My personal favorite, though, has to be from mob  union President Richard Trumka about the Hostess situation:

“What’s happening with Hostess Brands is a microcosm of what’s wrong with America, as Bain-style Wall Street vultures make themselves rich by making America poor,” Trumka said in a public statement. “Crony capitalism and consistently poor management drove Hostess into the ground, but its workers are paying the price.”

Wow…and I thought Bain was only a campaign insult to be hurled at Mitt Romney! Who knew it would be so useful AFTER the election? And, you know, I always thought that Hostess was a microcosm of our country. Never mind that the union preferred to shut down a company and cost 18,000 people their jobs rather than forgo a pay raise.

And, a late addition that I found on Facebook. This person not only has a hateful post but a whole page dedicated to hate speech against Republicans:

  • Republicans AIDS conservatives are the most ignorant petty intolerant caddy easily led misinformed narrow minded gossiping double standard gullible immature people on the planet
    ( Not sure what a “caddy” person is. Does this poster have something against people who work at golf courses? Visit the cite if you want to see some vile stuff.)

So, why are libs so angry? They won. Shouldn’t they be happily sipping their morning coffee, reading the newspaper, and silently smiling at those loser conservative posts? Shouldn’t they be thinking to themselves, ” Why do we care what they say, we won!” Shouldn’t they have that magnanimous grin on their face while they compliment conservatives on a hard fought election? ” Hey, nice try.” Shouldn’t they be saying, ” Come on, let’s put all this behind us and  work together to make things better.”?

They should, but they aren’t. They are stepping it up. Why?

It’s simple. It’s not enough for these Democrats and for Obama to merely win the election. It’s not enough to know that fifty percent of the voters voted for them. These are not the Democrat party of the past. It really should be called the radical party.  In a philosophy taken directly from Saul Allinsky’s Rules for Radicals, Obama and the Democrats won’t be happy until we are all completely silenced. It’s not enough to defeat your enemy, you have to completely annihilate them and remove them.

It’s also about revenge. Obama said it pre-election, and now he wants to follow through with it. He wants us all to sit in the back and shut up. So, the name calling will continue until we all stop thinking and speaking for ourselves. We will still be racists, wingnuts, and a variety of other nasty things until we figure it out. If they can’t silence us through ideas, then name calling will work. Besides, it’s so easy and requires no thought. As I said to someone who posted “Fuck you” to a Facebook post asking for investigations of voter fraud, ” I am so impressed with your well thought out response to this call for an investigation to what are troubling allegations of voter fraud. I am sure the school associated with you on your Facebook profile is proud to be  displayed next to this intelligent comment and use of the English language.”

There is more at stake here than just an election. The culture of our country, based on freedom, ability to speak one’s mind, and the right to politely agree to disagree, are in jeopardy. Just look on Facebook, Twitter, and the nightly news and you will see it fading away unless we keep calling them on it. Don’t stay silent. Give your opinions. As Winston Churchill once said, ” Never, never, never give up.”

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