Elections have consequences….who’s to blame now?

We all saw it coming, well, at least most of us did. Before the election, jobless claims were reported as down, unemployment stats were improving, Hurricane Sandy victims were getting all the help they needed, and Benghazi was just “not optimal.” Many of us saw it for what it was. The Administration was “cooking the books” in a manner that most Mafia dons would be proud of. Obama was hugging hurricane victims left and right, as long as a camera was nearby. And Benghazi? Well, it was caused by a Youtube video. Yeah, that and Obama’s dismal foreign policy and desire to please the Muslim world. What we didn’t see was the fact that after the election things would go bad so quickly.

This week the headlines are stunning. Unemployment claims are up 78,000; businesses are laying off workers by the tens of thousands, Hurricane Sandy victims are still without food, water, etc. and are now facing the kinds of illnesses prevalent in third world countries. Hearings are taking place on Benghazi and it appears as though some top officials may be prepared to tell the real story. Add to that the fact that Israel has begun to defend itself in the Middle East in the only way they can, and the world seems to have gone drastically downhill since November 6th.

And, to top it all off, Hostess is going out of business. No more Twinkies! ( I’ll bet Michelle is thrilled.)

So, when I see the people with the Obama 2012 bumper stickers on their cars, when I walk by the houses of those who had the signs in the yard, I want to ask them, ” Is this what you voted for?” ( I also want to knock on their windows and doors and say, sarcastically, “gee, thanks a LOT!”)

The main thing I wonder is now that they have what they want, who will they blame for all the problems? After all, Obama is NEVER responsible for any of this. He’s just a guy trying to do the best that he can and help ALL of us live better.

Let me make a prediction of who the fault will belong too.

1. The Republicans in the House and Senate. Darned obstructionists. ( It seems the Republicans are sensing this since all of a sudden they want to give into every bad idea including higher tax rates.)

2. Those of us who didn’t vote for him. Since we keep dogging him, complaining and voicing our opinions, we are JUST making things harder. Why can’t we just shut up and go along?

3. The Hurricane. It’s there and it’s convenient.

4. Evil Big Business. Correction, Evil Medium Business. Correction, Evil Business of Any Size who won’t suck it up and pay the extra Obama care taxes.

5. Racists. ( See number 2, because that applies to ANYONE who didn’t vote for him.)

6. And of course, the good old stand by, George W. Bush. Yes, I know he’s been out of office for four years now, but he’s so AVAILABLE and the Democrats are so used to blaming him. Old habits die hard. And, that personal responsibility thing is so hard. Really.

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