Where are the Tears?

Inconsistency is so annoying. As I say, whatever you think,  be consistent. If you think something is wrong when it is done to one person, then it is wrong when it is done to someone else.

People are so inconsistent right now. My first example is Hurricane Sandy and the response people have had to the devastation in New York and New Jersey. Remember Katrina? Remember how people reacted after that awful storm hit New Orleans? I am not diminishing the lives lost or the destruction of Katrina. But, exactly how long did it take for Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and Kanye West to get on the airwaves and start screaming about how George Bush didn’t do anything, that people were left to die because they were poor and black, and ( in case you forgot) that George Bush hated black people? I remember both the mayor of New Orleans and the governor of the state ( who, by the way, refused help from the Federal Government) getting on the news and talking about how no one cared for them. This after the mayor totally ignored evacuation warnings and left a fleet of school busses to get flooded in a city compound instead of sending them to get people out ahead of time. When President Bush visited, the Mayor of New Orleans was rude and nasty to him. People said it was too little too late. Till this day, we still hear about Katrina, and how the after effects are still going on now.

Fast forward to Sandy. Of course, the timing of Sandy as it was, Obama was on the scene as soon as he could get there. He was greeted by the Governor of New Jersey, who treated him with respect and even was friendly to him, even though Mr. Christie is a Republican. An election was coming soon and what better photo op for the President than for him to be on site, hugging people and promising help.  What a guy!

Yeah, he’s a great guy except none of that help has arrived. People in New York and New Jersey are still waiting and it has been almost two weeks. And, those pillars of fairness, Reverends Jackson and Sharpton are chillingly silent. I guess they have nothing to say. No Kanye or even Bruce Springsteen talking about how Obama hates New Yorkers and the citizens of New Jersey. ( In Bruce’s defense, he did participate in a fund raising concert.)

Where is the news media with their sharp critique of the government response? Their exposes on the electric companies, etc?  Where is the Red Cross accepting donations from anyone? Oh, that’s right. Mr. Romney’s donations were no good. You can cross that charity off my list. Where are the stories about Mayor Bloomberg and his administration turning away food donations because they have not been checked for fat and salt content. People may starve to death but their cholesterol levels will be great!  How long has the conversation centered on this awful event. I don’t even hear it anymore. Inconsistency.

Here’s another example. CNN and MSNBC have posted pictures of the President crying when thanking his campaign volunteers for their help getting him re-elected. Again, what  a guy, he really cares. Except those tears were nowhere to be found when four embassy workers were killed by a mob in Libya. As a matter of fact, Mr. Obama referred to their deaths as “not optimal.”  I don’t even think he blinked an eye before he was off to Nevada to campaign.  I would call this inconsistency, but when I think about it, this is the consistent inconsistency of the Obamas. Tax the 1% but enjoy amazing vacations on the taxpayer dime. Villify certain corporations as corrupt while giving money to corporate cronies. Call raising the debt ceiling unpatriotic and then lobby to raise it higher than ever before. If there is anything consistent about Obama and the Progressives, well, you know.

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