Real Heroes vs. Celebrity

Every November Veteran’s Day comes and goes and many of us celebrate the sacrifice of our military men and women. As the daughter of a career military man, it is gratifying to know that people don’t forget. Well, at least some people don’t forget.  There are many others who do. They are too busy idolizing people like JayZ , Beyoncé, and any professional athlete as “heroes.” They have no clue about what a real hero is and what a real hero does.

I understand that there are people in our lives that we look up to. But, the overuse of the word “hero” is upsetting when you think about real heroes; people who fight for our country and risk their lives, people who save others from danger while putting themselves in danger. The idea that someone would call a person a hero because they work hard, sing in front of others, or are a community organizer galls me.

What I have decided to do is to use that word sparingly. I will save it for people who honestly put themselves at risk in the service of others. That is my gift to the Veterans on Veteran’s Day.


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