Oh no, we are not the party of hate….

I am amused today. I guess it is better than where I was yesterday. That doesn’t mean I am “over it.” I am never going to be “over it.”  But, back to being amused. I visited a lot of websites, commented on a lot of Facebook postings, and read a lot of other people’s comments.  It was entertaining, and, as I said, amusing.

It was amusing because the party of tolerance, the liberals, the progressives, don’t get it. They expect us to look at them as the lovable, peace sign toting, intellectual, flower children of the world. They expect us to see ourselves as  hate mongering, ignorant, louts.

Now, I don’t want to over generalize. I know some liberals who are the nicest, most reasonable people. Even when we disagree, they can hold a civil, polite conversation and we can agree to disagree.

Yet, here are some of the posts of the rest of them ( yes, these are real, if you want me to  find them for you I will). The first one was from a poster who was trying to explain that she was part of the percent of Americans who get some form of government assistance, that she works, is in favor of free birth control and abortion and that she voted for Obama. She was appalled at how she was being portrayed as lazy. How dare anyone say that who didn’t know her. I could understand her frustration until she said this at the end of her post, ” All of you bible humping bigot rednecks hanging on to your guns can leave if you want. We won’t miss you.”  Wow. I am so glad that she is able to characterize others any way she wants while expecting to be treated with respect. I must admit, I asked her what she humped since she didn’t like people who humped the Bible. I think we all know the answer to that.

Then there was the guy who said the only people who voted for Romney were “angry white rich men who didn’t go beyond an 11th grade education.” When I told him I was a white woman who had a bachelors degree and over 60 hours of post graduate work, I got no acknowledgement. Oh, those tricky stereotypes!

Or the guy who told me that he knew some people who voted against Obama because he was black so, therefore, a majority of people who voted for Romney were racist. I told him I knew some people who voted against Romney because he was white. Could I then assume that people who voted against Romney were also racist? Generalizations will get you every time, won’t they. * By the way, I think the guy who said this is probably a pretty nice guy who just got caught trying make a point that has no foundation. He did mention later to a friend that he is engaged to a white woman. I  guess he said that to prove HE is not a racist.

I have read comments about hateful Republicans are while in the same post they have called us knuckle draggers, in- bred, racists, morons, etc.

Here is one of my favorite exchanges. This is with a person named “Greg.” He is responding to a status update by a young lady suggesting that Democrats had happy status updates and Republicans had sad ones yesterday. Here is what “Greg” said:

(This is Greg talking about Romney. He used the whole word, I didn’t want to put it on this blog.)

“He is a f*****g joke an tried to sell his self like a whore to the USA guess what it didn’t work all you care about is being a president, not to help the people. Obama was gonna win because he got Americas most wanted enemy osama bin laden

( Wow….Greg’s writing skills and kindness are overwhelming.)

This was my response:

“Actually Greg , Mitt Romney is a great man who probably has done more charity work than you will ever know. He just doesn’t get out and tell everyone about it . As far as being a joke, the crass and stupid way you express your opinion shows you for the joke you are. Uneducated fool.”

( I know, I was not kind at the end, but I just couldn’t help but pointing out to him how rude he was.)

Here is Greg’s response:

“nether of em are good. idc what he has done.”

( idc means ” I don’t care.” He doesn’t care what Romney has done.)

So Greg responds:

“an your drama because you have the run on in that last part so you have your opinion i have mine. you can keep your smart ass comment to your self ”

( It’s okay for Greg to have an opinion, but I shouldn’t express mine, because it is “smart ass.” I am not sure about the “run on in the last part.” It looked fine to me. Besides, here is a person who doesn’t use capitalization or correct spelling and he wants to get me on a run on. Please.)

And then Greg again. His grammar and spelling DID get slightly better. I think someone must have been writing it for him. Maybe he got home and his mom did it.

“….and you speak as if you know Romney personally? To be honest I was speaking my own opinion. After all, this is America and I have my right to freedom of speech, as you unfortunately do. You speak as if you know me. Well my opinion of you is you have probably been a bully or over opinionated all your life.”

( Again, when I have an opinion, it is unfortunate and I am a bully. When he has one, it is his right to freedom of speech.)

So, I responded again. I know, it is pointless because Greg is a lost cause who doesn’t even KNOW how stupid he sounds.

“Yes, Greg, you do have the right to speak your opinion. I love how you don’t care what someone has done. Then, how do you form opinions of people? I would say that actions are the only way we can accurately judge people. But, keep doing what you are doing and let’s see where that gets you in life. I would suggest that perhaps you should think of using good grammar, fewer curse words, and correctly spelled words. And no, I am not a bully. I am just a person with MY opinion. As to being “over opinionated” I think that might apply to a person who calls someone a “f****** joke” as well. I take great pride in being opinionated. It means I have standards. Please, get educated. You need it.”

I know this last part wasn’t very kind. But don’t you wonder what people are thinking when they write this crap? Do they see the hypocrisy? I don’t think so. But, remember, they are the inclusive, loving people and we are the mean, opinionated, bullies. Right.

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