So many things to say…

I have so many things to say lately, but I have been busy and it’s been hard to find time to sit down here and write.  It never fails that the election provides material and I can go right to work.  So, this is kind of an “odds and ends” post.

First, this new thing that Obama thinks is so clever. What is it? Romnesia? Oh, so cute Barry, so cute. What did  you do, think that up on the toilet this morning? And do you think that we can counter that with a MILLION ways to make your name into words? Let me share a few that I have thought of. Obamamoron.  Obamabot. Husseinity ( get it, insanity?). Obamanation ( yeah, I didn’t think of that one.) NObama ( saw that one on a bumper sticker). Barackan promises.  Oh blame me. Barack -onomy. Teleprompter in Chief. Let’s don’t leave Michelle out. Let’s see “Mooch-elle” or “Moo-Chelle.” I mean, I could go on and on. And just in case you’re wondering, Barry, that is your real name after all, if anyone seems to forget what he has said, supported, promised, etc. it’s you. You are the KING of OBAMANESIA!

Second, the news media. You know, my dad was addicted to the news. Not sure if it was because he worked at the Pentagon or just because he wanted to keep up with what was going on, but he watched the news EVERY night. It was either Walter Kronkite, Chet Huntley or one of those newscasters. I hated it. Why? Because it was the NEWS. It wasn’t entertaining, controversial or even exciting.  It was the facts and that was it. No opinions, no “personalities” or pretty faces. In fact, Walt and Chet were old. And not good looking at all! But, they were journalists. They were objective. They researched the facts and presented them and expected YOU the viewer to interpret them as you wanted. Now, we have Soledad O’Brien who, at the very most, is that pretty girl from high school who just liked to gossip a lot. Or we have Katie Couric ( thank GOD CBS finally figured out she wasn’t a news person) who should never have been IN a news room much less anchor a news report. And, while we’re at it, Matt Lauer, who should be doing sports or weather in some small town market somewhere. NONE of these people know how to do the news.  They feel compelled to insert themselves in the news, make themselves part of it, and tell us what to think about it. Do they even KNOW how to present a story anymore without the White House or the DNC telling them what to say? How about that goofball who just did the last Presidential debate? Was it me or did Candy Crowley look like she just wanted to rip off her clothes and have sex with Obama right there in the town hall meeting? Talk about the ugly fat chick wanting to make points with the “cool guy.” Yuck. My dad would hate watching the news right now. I’m guessing his television would never be on any channel but Fox.

Finally, and sadly, this idea that the President thinks that the killing of four Americans was not  “optimal.” Wow. What is it with this guy? Doesn’t he give a damn? Is he that aloof that the loss of someone’s life is just not “optimal.”  I guess I shouldn’t be surprised because this is a man who thinks that a Jihadist killing fourteen people at a military base is “work place violence.” His administration called 9/11 a ” man caused disaster” instead of terrorism.

I know some of my more liberal friends will say it was a poor choice of words. Well, imagine this. A family member is in a car accident and dies. The doctor comes out and tells you that he has some “not optimal” news. Don’t know about you but I’d probably rip his head off.  And then I would tell the police, “Sorry, I guess my choice of action was “not optimal.”

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