Moral equivalency

You know, sometimes I don’t think I can be shocked and then I am shocked. I guess because I was brought up a certain way I just can’t imagine how crazy, illogical and stupid people can be. And yes, I know we can all be that way, including me. But, when you are that way always, wow, that scares me.

So here’s a scenario for you. Snoop Dog, Madonna and Honey Boo Boo all support Obama. ( By the way, if you don’t know who Honey Boo Boo is, lucky you. I, unfortunately, have seen her on television. It makes me afraid for the world. To sum it up, Honey Boo Boo, her father, mother, and sisters live in Alabama. They are, to put it mildly, intelligence limited. The father is missing teeth, the mother farts, wipes her nose on her sleeve, and weighs over 300 lbs, one of the teenage daughters just had a baby, and Honey Boo Boo does beauty pageants. She’s five.) When you watch the show you feel your brain cells draining out of your ears.

So, I posted on Facebook that these three ( Snoop Dog, Madonna and Honey Boo Boo) supported Obama and anyone who was excited about that was pathetic and stupid.  Most of the responses were affirmative about what I said until one aquaintance decided to take me to task. He said that the support of these three was no worse than the support of Chuck Norris, Kid Rock and Billy Graham for Romney.

Stunned silence on my part. I mean, I couldn’t even believe it. Really? However, after I picked myself off the floor I responded.  First, let me say that I don’t know much about Kid Rock. I know he did a song a couple of years back and he wears a cowboy hat. Other than that, I don’t remember him causing a big stir. So, lets say that we will leave him alone for now.

Okay. First, I thought about how Snoop Dog had used lyrics in his song that repeated the “F” word over and over AND promoted violence and abuse toward women. Then, I thought about how Madonna was most well known for being naked and ridiculing Catholicism in a music video a decade or so ago.  Plus, I think we would all agree that her morals are lacking. Add to that the fact that Honey Boo Boo is probably the dumbest thing on earth, well.

So, let’s talk Chuck Norris. He is a martial artist and made some movies and a television show a few years back. Granted, the movies and show were bad, but they certainly were not immoral. Add to that the fact that he started an organization called ” Kick Drugs Out of America” which was to get kids into martial arts, I just didn’t see how he compared to any of the three Obama supporters.

But here’s the big one. Billy Graham? BILLY GRAHAM? Are you kidding? We compare one of the most respected, revered and beloved religious icons in the world to Snoop Dog, Madonna or Honey Boo Boo? Ths person went on to tell me that Billy Graham was a hate monger who took money from people under the guise of religion. Geez….who knew?  Better tell all those people he has helped all over the world. While we are at it, investigate Mother Teresa too, will ya?

Then, I was told that after he met with Mitt Romney, Rev. Graham took all the bad stuff about Mormonism off his website. Why that was thrown in there I don’t know.  I mean, to hear the left, Mormons are devils who eat babies and black people. So, I guess if Reverend Graham had that stuff on his website and left it there, it would have been okay? Are they mad at him for not having hateful stuff about Mormons on his website?Or do they want it there? What day is it?

This is what we are dealing with. These people are so far gone they have left the edge of reality and they are not coming back. Billy Graham and Snoop Dog ( for them) are moral equivalents. This is why, to them, Islamic extremists are just misunderstood and it’s all really Israel’s and our fault that they chop people’s heads off.  Moral Equivalency. Tell me how that works for you the next time they knock down one of our buildings and kill our people. I’ll just say, ” But Honey Boo likes them.”

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