What about the 53%?

So, we keep hearing about the 47% of Americans who don’t pay taxes and who deserve the help ( i.e. money) of the rest of us. Everyone wants us to feel sorry for them, feel obligated to them, and feel happy to contribute our hard earned money to them.  Do you EVER hear of anyone on the “progressive” side talk about those of us in the 53% and how hard we work, how we should be congratulated, etc. Nope. Because, unless you haven’t noticed, we should feel bad about our success.  We should feel that we stole from someone to get here. We obviously had an unfair advantage. That’s crap.

I don’t mind our society helping those who are needy, who can’t work, and who have some physical/mental disability. ( By the way, I mean a REAL disability, not the ” I am going to milk this minor disability to the hilt kind of disability.”) I will gladly help them out. I don’t need the government or anyone else to force me to do that. What I object to is the one who doesn’t want to work, wants to sit home and have baby after baby for me to support, and who thinks I owe him/her something. I don’t want to give them one penny.

What about their children? How about letting them be adopted by couples who can’t have their own children? How about making sure that any support for them can’t be used by the parents for anything else?

So how do we support the 53%? Let us keep our money. Tax us for those things that are supported by the Constitution. Get rid of the red tape that stymies small businesses. Keep free enterprise alive and well by supporting innovation and competition rather than the government sponsored “fairness” that isn’t fair. As Joe Biden, the great orator ( LOL) would say, “Remove the chains!:

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