Okay….Here goes

I have been hiding it for years in an attempt to avoid controversy and making people angry. I have thought about it, written about it and then hit the delete button, and walked away from a conversation to avoid it.

No more.

I am a conservative. There. Feels good. I am a staunch conservative. I believe in lower taxes, less entitlement, less spending, and independence. I believe that almost EVERYONE can find a way in this world regardless of their circumstances. The only thing that usually stands in the way is government. I believe that the government does NOT need to legislate everything and that people CAN make good decisions for themselves without the nanny state in the way. Want a 20 ounce soda? Okay. You can decide if you need to stop drinking too much soda on your own. Want to buy a Happy meal for your child? Okay. I think you should be able to decide what you will feed your child. Want to marry someone of the same sex, okay, go for it. Want to believe in traditional marriage, that’s okay too.   That doesn’t mean there are no laws. It means that laws are here to protect people from others, not themselves.

If you are one of my friends and you are shocked by this. I’m sorry. Not sorry in the way that I feel bad, but sorry if you can’t accept it. I’m sure my real friends will know this about me and accept me for who I am.

I’m not hiding it anymore. I have my Romney/Ryan sign in the yard and bumper sticker on my car. Yeah, Romney’s not perfect, but he’s so much better than the socialist we currently have in charge.

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