So Tired…

I am really tired this morning and I wonder if that isn’t the goal of this President and Democrats. Not for me personally, but for people like me. I think his/their goal is to wear me down. How? By doing exactly what they are doing with the tragedy in Orlando.

Rahm Emmanuel, who was once Barack Obama’s main advisor, once said, “Never let a crisis go to waste.” What did he mean by that? Well, he meant that when tragedy strikes, don’t waste your time praying for the victims or helping people through it, but find some way to use that tragedy to further your political agenda, regardless of how heartless that is.

Obama and his minions have embraced that practice with increasing fervor. At first, when there was the Newtown massacre, they waited a day or two before the anti-second amendment, anti-conservative rhetoric. When San Bernardino happened, they waited a few hours. But now, as soon as Orlando happened, it was out there. It was the NRA’s fault, the fault of those opposed to  gay marriage because of their faith, the fault of white males, the fault of Christians. Anderson Cooper of CNN even went so far as to blame the State’s Attorney General of Florida because she defended her state’s decision to not sanction gay marriage, a decision that was voted on by the people of Florida and that, she, as State’s Attorney of that state, had to defend. It was part of her job.

All over Facebook and Twitter you see it. “Blame guns, blame the NRA, etc.” One after another, liberal celebrities and news show hosts make outlandish statements about whose to blame. One wanted white men deported, Cher issued Tweets that made no sense, a Black Lives Matter implied racism in the people who sat in vigil for the victims of the violent attack in Orlando because they were mostly white, and Harry Reid, the one eyed jack of the senate, blamed Republicans. Of course, Hillary Clinton blamed her opponent Donald Trump, blamed Republicans, and practically everyone who didn’t donate to her campaign.

In all the cacophony, none of these people blamed the true culprit, a Jihadist, extremist, Muslim who had pledged allegiance to ISIS who hated gay people. WHY?

I know why. The more they wear us down, tire us out, and make us lose hope for civility and cohesion in this country, the more they win. The more they can demonize us to the uneducated educated in this country, the more misguided young people will blare out their Twitter hashtags and Facebook posts about how awful this country is, how Conservatives are Nazis, etc.  The more we read these idiotic posts, the more worn down we will become until we decide we just don’t give a damn anymore. We will decide that it’s not worth the trouble or hatred thrown our way to give an our opinions. We can’t reason with them because they don’t understand reason. They just resort to the mantra of their generation, “F**k you and your facts and arguments.” Or, as Barack said to us early in his Presidency, “Sit down and shut up.”

We have a decision to make and it involves some moral courage on our part. We can either get worn down, give up and decide to spend our days watching the Weather Channel or Food Network in silence, or we can decide to take the risk of offending someone and share our thoughts, civilly and logically, no matter the consequence.  We can get tired, or we can become just as relentless as they are. As Winston Churchill ( yes, I know, a white guy, shocking) said, “Never, ever, ever give up.” And he was addressing a country that was being bombed by the Germans non-stop.

We know who we are. We are people who don’t wish harm to anyone because of race, sexual preference or identity or even political view. We WANT free speech, free thought, free exchange of ideas. We don’t care who people marry or have relationships with as long as we aren’t required to do the same.  We love this country for its unity and diversity. We want people to live their lives as they wish, as long as it doesn’t infringe on the lives of others. And we need to share that with them EVERY day.  Because as relentless as they are, we can be just as relentless.  We need to provide the counterpoint to their baseless points. Every. Single. Day.




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Prediction # 2- No More Deadlines

When I taught school I remember the hardest thing for me to get students to do was to turn in assignments on time. It seemed that so many of them had excuses for why assignments were late. WELL, in 2014, given President Obama’s dislike of deadlines, I think this problem is going to go away.

Before all my teacher friends get excited about a new way to get students to get things finished when they are supposed to, let me explain what I REALLY mean.

Since President Obama has been President, he has displayed a penchant for making and changing laws whenever he wants. Never mind that Congress is supposed to MAKE laws and he is supposed to abide by them. I mean, it’s just so darned inconvenient. Well, with the onset of Obamacare and all the accompanying problems, he has come up with a successful strategy. Get rid of all the deadlines. You know, deadlines when everyone was supposed to be enrolled, deadlines for when the website would be fixed, deadlines for when HHS was supposed to report to Congress on enrollment numbers…and on and on. With one swoop of his magic pen, all the deadlines changed and some just plain disappeared.

This is good news for so many of us. In 2014, I predict that there will no longer be deadlines for ANYTHING. Wow. This means so much to all of us. I can’t WAIT to tell my creditors and the IRS that I can’t make a deadline. I’m sure they won’t care. How about those county and state taxes? Deadline? Pfffttt… I’m unilaterally deciding to get rid of it. I’m sure the Governor and county council will understand.  Uh huh….

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2014- The New Year According to Me

2014- The New Year According to Me.

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2014- The New Year According to Me

I know you have been waiting for this. You are wondering what my predictions are for the future…for 2014. So, here is the first one.

Obamagames– On the heels of Obamacare, I see new Federal Programs cropping up right and left. One, in particular, has to do with the lack of fans attending NFL Playoff games. Yes, that’s right. There are NFL Playoff games going on this weekend, and they are not sold out. Obviously, this is because there are too many people who don’t have access to quality NFL tickets. Shocking, I know. There are actually people out there who, through no fault of their own, can’t attend NFL games with their families. They probably can’t afford it. SO, in an attempt at fundamental fairness, the Obama Administration will implement a new program called “The Affordable Games Act ” or Obamagames. These tickets will be subsidized by requiring everyone, whether they like football or not, to buy an NFL ticket or face an IRS fine. Those who can’t afford it will be given a federal subsidy for their tickets depending on their income. They will also get a subsidy toward food, team jerseys, and beer at the games. We want them to enjoy the experience and not feel left out. The ticketless masses are thrilled!

In charge of this new program will be former congressman Barney Frank, because he has proven himself to be someone who probably knows little or nothing about football, much less professional football. He is also totally incompetent and looks good in ugly green suits. He does, however, live in Massachusetts, home of the Patriots. He also knows how to spend money, especially if it’s not his.

In order for everyone to get tickets, the administration has spent a lot of money on a new Obamagames website. The website will allow you to put in your ticket request, personal information, and then “shop” for tickets you like. The one caveat is that you may not know if you have a ticket when it is all over. But, that’s okay. The President has changed the law so that if you show up at the game without a ticket and can show that you actually TRIED to buy one, you can get in for free. The NFL will be expected to honor your request. I’m sure they will get a government subsidy for it.

What if you already have a ticket? Well, the President said ” If you like your ticket, you can keep your ticket. Period.” So, you are safe. Kinda. Maybe….or maybe not. Check the mail.

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2013- The Year of Disdain

This time of year you get all the retrospectives of the year that just ended and prognostications of the year to come. All the news shows have their “experts” blathering on about each and getting paid a whole lot of money to either state the obvious or erroneously predict the future. That sounds like a pretty good gig, where do I sign up?

Well, it’s obvious that I don’t have the credentials or experience as any of these people, so I guess I will be on my own and getting paid nothing. Oh well. I will do two parts of this series. The first will be my views of last year’s theme and the second will be my not so expert predictions for next year.

I thought about 2013 a great deal. There was so much that happened that it was a little hard to come up with a theme. With so much lying, stealing, intimidation, and false outrage, well, the material available was overwhelming. Then, it came to me ( as my third graders used to say when I asked them to explain how they got their math answers). 2013 was the year of disdain.

For those who don’t know, the definition of disdain is ” the feeling that someone or something is unworthy of one’s consideration or respect.”

I have to say that I have felt disdain for people and things before. I have disdain for the person who is on disability without really needing to be. I have disdain for the person who wants to sit on his/her couch and collect the taxpayer’s money.  I have disdain for MSNBC hosts who ridicule people’s religious faith or the fact that they would adopt a minority child. I’m human and I admit it. Disdain, in its proper place is okay. It shows that one can discern between wrong and right. It’s okay for people to show that emotion in their private lives.

HOWEVER…this year, public officials took disdain to a whole new level.  Let’s begin with several of my “favorite” public officials.

1. Lois Lerner. Could there be a person who showed more contempt or disdain for Congress and the people of the United States? This IRS official ran an agency that actively targeted groups for their political beliefs and encouraged her underlings to ask people about their religion in IRS applications. Yet, in total disdain during hearings, she plead the 5th after saying that she had done nothing wrong. She tilted her gray head back, looked out of the bottom of her eyes, and refused to answer. In reality, she showed her total disdain for the importance that her agency should be without an agenda and should hold the best interest in the rights of groups and individuals sacred. And then, after the hearing, she collected her salary during a brief suspension and then retired.

2. Kathleen Sebilius. If there is a person who showed more disdain for the American people than Ms. Lerner, it would have to be this Health and Humans Services Secretary who began the year by denying a little girl’s waiver for a lung transplant (remember, she said, ” Some people live, some people die.”) Then, she moved on to implementing an Obamacare website that was a complete failure after spending over half a billion dollars on it. Finally, she testified in front of Congress regarding the failure of the system and gave the answer ” whatever” when asked if the President should have known about problems. Yup, “whatever.” You know, that answer your teenager gives you when he/she just doesn’t want to answer your questions. Needless to say, the disdain she feels for us as she sits in her position and changes regulation and law over and over,  is palpable.

3. Eric Holder… could there be a better example of disdain? This Attorney General picks and chooses which laws he will enforce and which ones he won’t. And, he does it without so much as a whimper, explanation, or excuse me. Drug laws, gun laws, hate crime laws are all subject to his whim. And, when asked to explain himself, he tells Congress to stick it.

4. Hillary Clinton…The Queen of Disdain has been at it so long that it is hard to pick out which example to use of her complete and utter discounting of anyone who doesn’t help fulfill her political ambitions. Four people die in Benghazi because she refuses to help and all she can say is, ” What difference does it make?” Enough said.

5. Now we have come to the paramount example of disdain. If you don’t know who it is, you have been living under a rock. In five years, this person has violated laws,  violated the Constitution, rejected laws passed by our lawmakers with the sweep of the pen, taken his wife and family on expensive vacations while the economy suffers, and openly LIED to the American people. On top of that, he has lied about his lies. It’s clear that this person thinks the American people are a bunch of stupid sheep to be fed his line of bull consistently. ” You will take it and you will like it…and pay for it.” All while he claims to be the “smartest man in the room.” The king of disdain, the dictator of disregard, Barrack Hussein Obama.

It’s sad that it has come to the point where they don’t even pretend to give a crap about the people anymore. But, why should they? We are obviously not worthy of them….Like I said, 2013, The Year of Disdain.

* By the way, there were many other good examples too numerous to name. Anthony Weiner, Chris Matthews, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid…Michelle Obama…etc. I just wish I had the time….

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Hate Speech from the “Tolerant” Among Us

I had an interesting insight into the hateful attitudes of the “tolerant” among us today. You see, tolerance has come to mean something totally different from it used to mean. The dictionary definition is:

the ability or willingness to tolerate something, in particular the existence of opinions or behavior that one does not necessarily agree with.

Somehow, that definition was amended ( sort of like Obamacare keeps on getting amended when the President doesn’t like the political consequences of the law). It was amended to say, “unless I ( or whatever “group” I belong to) don’t like that opinion, act, look, etc.”

I guess we should expect that from a certain segment of the population. You know,  stupid redneck conservatives who hate everything or everyone that is different from us. You know,  selfish middle class workers who refuse to help others. You know,  ‘Bible thumpers” who are such a mess. Yeah, that last one I actually read this morning in a post about the firing of a Methodist minister for marrying his gay son and partner. Someone actually though ” Bible thumpers are a mess” was a great response in a post about whether the church should have done that.  Of course, that wasn’t as bad as the one about Christians and Catholics being “hate filled and ignorant.” All of us. Every last one. ( By the way, aren’t Catholics, by definition, Christians? Why are we separated?”)

It all seems to be part of a new pattern. These were comments made on a post by WJZ, a local “news” station. ( I put that in quotes because WJZ seems more interested in gossip rather than news nowadays. I call it the FACEBOOK ” make something out of nothing” effect. ) After all, this is an internal issue of the Methodist church and their doctrine. Honestly, I don’t think it’s any of our business and it is not newsworthy.

(Woah, I can hear you know. But wait, you said Phil had a right to free speech and A&E shouldn’t have suspended him. You are correct and you have a good memory! Here’s  the difference. Phil was expressing his own views, and never claimed to be representing A&E in the interview with GQ. The minister, on the other hand, was acting as an agent of the church when he married his gay son. I think that is against Methodist doctrine. I am fairly sure he knew that.  )

But, I think the worst trend here is that a certain segment of the population that claims to be tolerant ( i.e. liberals, progressives, activists for minority groups, etc.) who seems to think they have a free pass on REAL tolerance. It’s okay for them to call us “tea baggers” or “racists,”  “zealots” or “homophobes.” Why? Because they are tolerant. So, their tolerance excuses their intolerance.  They can say or do whatever they want while marching in their assless pants or baring their breasts in parades. ( And, yes, those are extremes, I get it. But, those actions have occurred and we have been told to “get over it” and “accept it.”)

However, those of us in the intolerant class, you know, Conservatives, majority, religious sorts, we’ll just have to mind our P’s and Q’s. Or else. Good to know.

* By the way, I reported the “Bible Thumper” comment to FACEBOOK as hate speech. Do you think anything will happen? If you do, I have a great big bridge to sell you.

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Shall We All Walk in Lockstep?

Shall We All Walk in Lockstep?.

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